I live in Quakertown Pa...on Oct 7th 2013 there was a representative from your company outside of our local store, located on route 663 quakertown pa....at that time the promotion was for each pack I purchased I would recieve one for 1cent...I purchased for myself and for myself, and recieved choice of one free item on the display table..one for myself and one for my friend.

On Nov 16th...a representative was there again..so I went and bought for myself expecting the same results...this time it was another girl outside, and she said she did not honor the same promotion that I experienced the first time...she went as far as saying that I way not telling the truth....needless to say I was very insulted in the manner that she handled the situation...NO WHERE was there a sign stateing that there would only be given ONE pack for 1 cent...First and foremost I am a customer, and under no circustances should I have been treated in the manner that I was...simply because your representatives...represent themselves differently each time they come to the area.

I was not the only one that was confused about the whole thing...and I may add that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES would I ever buy your product again.

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